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All prices and costs are in New Zealand dollars and include consumer tax charge (GST). All charges are calculated on a daily basis not a 24 hour day and include unlimited kilometres and diesel road user tax. The 1st day of hire is free and includes pickup at Auckland Airport and a 1 hour compulsory vehicle usage and driving orientation course. There is a minimum hire period of 10 days and the vehicle must be returned to Auckland. The vehicle is supplied with a full fuel tank and 2 liquid propane gas (LPG) bottles at the start of hire. See Services for other living equipment and inventory list covered by the rental.

Drivers Licence:- All drivers must be named and over 25 years of age and in possession of a valid international or country of origin drivers licence. (A special heavy traffic or truck licence is not required for this vehicle.) These licences must be presented at the commencement of the hire.

Driving Rules:- Because the vehicle Gross Weight is more than 3500kg there are minimum driving times which apply for road safety reasons. You must take a 0.5 hour break after driving continuously for 5.5 hours. A single driver is not allowed to drive more than 11 hours per day for 6 days, or 66 hours per week without a 24 hour break.

Deposit:- Currently no deposit is required to secure your reservation. This may change in the future.

Rental Payments:- The total rental charge balance (excluding bond), is to be paid in full 25 days (local customers 7 days) prior to pickup (1st reservation day). See Cancellations below for refund terms.

Vehicle Security Deposit or Bond:-  A bond of NZ$1250.00 will be charged at the commencement of the hire and will be refunded at the completion of the hire when all conditions are met. This can be done by Visa or Mastercard credit card with the deposit slip being held until the completion of the hire.
This is to cover the insurance excess cost and for any of the following:

  1. Motorhome returned in "unreasonably dirty" condition.
  2. At least one full LPG gas bottle and diesel fuel tank refill cost.
  3. Prepaid mobile phone calls used.
  4. Overdue returns beyond the agreed time, plus the daily rental rate.
  5. Missing or damaged inventory.
  6. Any insurance exclusion costs listed below.

There will be no refund for vehicle returns before the due date, or unused rental days. If the rental is cancelled part way thru and the vehicle is not returned to Auckland, the hirer will be liable for costs incurred for delivery/pickup elsewhere, which would include air fare to pickup site, plus Cook Strait ferry return fare if applicable, and fuel costs required to return to Auckland.  In the event of mechanical failure or major accident rendering the vehicle unserviceable Mobility Motorhomes Limited's liability will be to only refund those actual lost rental days.

Insurance:- Personal Injury is covered through the Accident Compensation Commission, however, we strongly recommend that all clients take out Personal Injury Travel Insurance. All vehicles are insured for the damage to the vehicle or to the property of a Third Party. The hirer is responsible for the first NZ$1250 excess of the cost of damage to third party property or to the rented vehicle, including single vehicle accident, windscreen and tyre damage, overhead and underbody damage, towing and recovery costs, vehicle theft, fire or break in damage.  The excess applies in respect of each claim, not rental. The excess is applicable regardless of who is at fault and must be paid at the time the accident report is completed, not at the completion of the rental. The excess will be refunded if we are successful in recovering the cost of the damages from the third party.


  1. Any damage caused by water submersion or salt water damage or driving on the following restricted roads - Skippers Canyon Rd(Queenstown), Ball Hutt Rd (Mt Cook), Ninety Mile Beach (Northland), all unsealed ski access roads and beaches.
  2. Personal belongings are not covered. We recommend the hirer does not leave valuables in the vehicle and that they have personal insurance.
  3. If the terms of the Rental Agreement are breached, the hirer will be responsible for the total cost of any damage. This will also include any damage caused by careless or reckless driving, or by wilful conduct (e.g. sitting or standing on the bonnet or roof of the vehicle) and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  4. The hirer will be responsible for any associated cost caused by the incorrect use of fuel (fuel being diesel or petrol).
  5. The hirer will be responsible for the cost to retrieve or recover a vehicle, which has become stuck or bogged.
  6. The hirer will be responsible for the cost to replace keys which have become lost, or retrieval of keys which have been locked in a vehicle.

Repairs:- Any problems associated with the vehicle, including equipment failure, must be reported to Mobility Motorhomes as soon as possible, and within 24 hours in order to give us the opportunity to rectify the problem during the rental. Failure to do so will compromise any claims for compensation. We do not accept liability for any claims submitted after this period. Repairs up to $100 may be effected without authorisation and will be reimbursed. For amounts over $100, Mobility Motorhomes will need to be informed in advance. Repairs will be approved provided the hirer was not directly responsible for the damage. Receipts must be submitted for any repair or the claim will not be paid. Please phone: 09 827-2265.

Infringements:-We reserve the right to charge the hirer for any speeding or parking fines, associated administration costs and/or accidents including third party property damage not reported on return of the vehicle.

Cancellations:- As Mobility Motorhomes currently only has 1 vehicle available for hire, it may require mechanical or accident repair or even be written off and be unavailable. If this situation arises Mobility Motorhomes reserves the right to cancel a reservation with 3 days notice and fully refund all rental payments. If a customer cancels a reservation the following terms apply:

If cancelled 25 days prior to pick-up Deposit loss only (currently nil)
If cancelled from 24 to 6 days prior to pick-up 15% of Rental
If cancelled 5 days or less prior to departure or a No Show 50% of Rental
If vehicle is returned early for any reason whatsoever No refund available


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