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This vehicle is really only suitable for an independent wheelchair user who only requires a minimum of assistance.

The vehicle is fitted with a hand control which operates on the foot pedals. Push away towards the brake pedal operates the brake, and a downwards or radial direction towards the seat to operate the accelerator (push-pat system). The vehicle can still be driven by a normal able-bodied driver without the handcontrol interfering. There is also a removable steering wheel knob or wheel spinner fitted, and driver and passenger swivels fitted to the seats to allow for easy transfer from a wheelchair. The vehicle is not suitable for a quadraplegic (tetraplegic) driver with no triceps extension or requires a special hand fitting steering knob, as there are a number of physical difficulties.

The main entrance is fitted with a self-operating Braun UVL603C underfloor cassette foldaway wheelchair lift with a 760 X 1200mm(30 X 48inches) platform and 272kg(600lbs) capacity. The hoist can be operated manually in the case of battery or electric failure.  The bathroom has centre opening double bi-folding doors leaving an entrance width of 765mm(30inches). Each door can be opened or closed from the toilet or shower chair when the wheelchair is moved away. The bathroom is fitted with a standard size electric flush macerating toilet with a 495mm(19.5inches) seat height. The toilet/shower area has a wheel-in stainless steel floor tray 1800 X 800mm and a vertical bar mounted removable telephone style hand shower. The armless shower chair is also height adjustable with a soft waterproof foam cushion.

See Motorhome Specifications for floorplan layout and dimensions showing wheelchair accessibility.

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