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Custom Builders:- Vanco Motorhomes Limited.

Body Type & Construction:- Standard painted steel van body, fully insulated and pre-finished white oak veneered Eurolite plywood interior lining. Tinted  glass sliding windows with insect screens over openings.

Furniture & Fittings:- All furniture fittings are constructed from white oak veneered Eurolite moisture resistant plywood glued and screwed for maximum strength. Stainless steel protector sheets have been fitted to damage prone areas to protect from kicking, wheelchair footrests and wheels.

Bathroom:- The bathroom toilet pan is porcelan with a standard sized pressalite paraplegic seat & lid.  The complete bathroom floor is wheel-in recessed floor tray made of durable stainless steel. 

Kitchen fittings:- Eno stainless steel 3 gas cooktops with electric spark and extractor fan fitted to wall above. A 42litre 12volt refrigerator and stainless steel sink with 3 drawers and cupboard underneath.

Berths:- Sleeping accomodation for 2. Bed can be left fully made up and folds away into a wall cabinet. It can be used as side by side twin single matresses each 825mm wide or a double bed 1650mm wide. The foot wall to head wall clearance is 1830mm or 6ft.

Flooring:- Commercial vinyl in kitchen area with carpet in entrance area.

Electricity System:- Dual 240V mains hook-up and 12V battery systems. Vehicle (100Ah) and home leisure (2 X 156Ah) battery dual charging system with heavy duty alternator (150A). Solar roof panel 160watt battery charging system.

Water Systems:- 200litre fresh water tank with separate 100litre toilet and waste water tanks, all with level indicators. Self-priming water pump serves all taps, toilet and shower. 14litre gas/240volt hot water cylinder.

Gas Locker:- Internally accessed compartment with capacity for two 4kg gas bottles.

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